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Diamonds are the main material to make the ring

Diamonds are the main material to make the ring, the value of the diamond determines the value of the ring, the more precious the diamond, the higher the price, and vice versa, so the general diamond diamond diamond material is generally very good. The diamond is good or bad, but also by the type of diamond decision, then what is the classification of diamonds, let us together to understand the next bar.

Category 1: Blue Diamond

Blue Diamond is a light blue transparent diamonds, looks very elegant and beautiful, of course, the color is dark blue for the best diamonds, blue diamond in the Need for diamonds, the value of considerable. The most mysterious is that this diamond and other diamonds have a very big difference, that is, this diamond has a very strong conductivity, because it contains a rich element, and this element of the conductivity is very strong The Because of the nature of this diamond makes it very rare, so its price is also very expensive. It is the diamond industry rare treasures, by many people love and sought after. It is generally industrial Replica Cartier jewelry South Africa, the geographical environment is relatively poor areas, so mining is not very favorable, more laid its price position.

Category two: green diamond

Green diamond is the name of the very green diamonds, but it itself is a light green diamonds, light green from shallow to deep into a very green green diamond, which is its strange place, because it is not itself is particularly green Of the diamonds, but from light green to green. The color of the diamond is generally only produced on the surface of the diamond, where the color is the greenish green diamond the highest price, because generally not easy to produce color such as bright green diamonds. Green diamond shape and color are very beautiful, green gives the feeling is generally lively and moving, people’s eyes have a deep feeling, very surprising. The world famous diamond Zhuo is the world’s largest producer of green diamonds.

Category three: color yellow diamond

The above two kinds of colored diamonds are a color of diamonds, diamonds are now called the yellow diamond, it is the difference between the above two diamonds is that it is not just a color, it has two colors or a few Kind of color, that is, color. Although it is also very expensive, but it is the most common color diamond varieties. The most valuable color is the color of the bright yellow, this color is the highest value of yellow diamond, which is why it is called the reason for the yellow diamond.

Whether you have not thought of diamonds can also be classified, the above is just a part of the classification of diamonds. As long as you carefully study, you will find the diamond in the knowledge is very deep, every diamond can bring you not the same feelings, may be surprised or may be pleasantly surprised. In short, the world of diamonds is as colorful as its own.
Diamond ring, gold, platinum has its own identification method, because the market is now fake and counterfeit goods too much, so to practice a pair of eyes, so as not to be deceived. In addition to diamond ring, platinum, gold and so have their own identification method, the platinum ring also has its own identification method, then the platinum ring identification method which? In fact, there are many ways to identify platinum, but at the time of purchase for the sake of convenience, usually with some simple methods. These simple methods are simple and accurate.

Through the comparison method to identify

Many people in the purchase of platinum will face when the platinum will not be fake such a problem, and silver and platinum have a great degree of similarity, but do not know how to judge, in fact, there is a very simple way is more law. This method does not need to spend too much material and human resources, you can identify it. Because the general white gold ring with the observation by the naked eye is not observed when it is different with other things. But you can feel through the touch of its material and other things different, if you want to do comparison with the silver, then the words, then the silver will be soft, and some hard platinum, so you can compare the different come.

Identified by weighing method

Many people know that jewelry is usually a seal, platinum is the case, have their own seal, but sometimes, platinum seal may be more vague, sometimes the platinum seal will be cut off by the business. If these are the two cases, platinum can be identified by the method of weighing it. The fixed proportion of the platinum ring is generally determined to be twenty-one four points. If you see the weight of the platinum when weighing, then it is really platinum, such as www.bechic.co fake replacement, it seems that the weighing method is also a Kind of good way to identify platinum.

Cremation identification to identify white gold ring

Platinum rings have a lot of simple methods of identification, cremation method is also a simple one, platinum ring points are many kinds, which can be based on its fixed size, slightly larger white gold ring grams may be relatively large, and slightly smaller The number of grams of the ring may be relatively small, so when the grams of small hours, the material is small, so you can through the cremation method to identify the platinum. The main principle of cremation is to see the color after burning at high temperatures, according to the color to identify the identification of platinum rings.

There are many ways to identify platinum rings, and these are the most straightforward methods, and there is a high degree of accuracy. Learn these methods of identification is easy and very simple, as long as everyone determined to understand the platinum method will be easy to grasp. These simple identification methods can be a lot of people like white gold ring collection. Knowing how these platinum rings are identified make us live more exciting.

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Female wedding ring size and Boys’ wedding ring size

With a Mexican glass color, Wenliang summer mind; smoke thoughts by the wind wandering, find a Yan Shui Jingyue days of the horizon, the study of young dreams of the Happy and indulgence. Time, one inch through the passage of memory, relying on the trunk of the time, the old read from the wind, with a bold gesture, brought back in the past. Love is Cartier love bracelet replica never gone, wedding ring general size how much more suitable for their own?

Female wedding ring size

Its own clear and bright, and a round through the ages Haoyue, cloud water into Bi Is the brilliance between the diamond ring. Since that day, your devout wishes to import into the vast river, to flow into my heart, I will use a lifetime of time, carrying your infinite gratitude. The most common size of the female diamond ring is No. 12 and No. 13, but this does not mean that all girls can be used as a standard to buy a ring, we must personally measured to determine their own hand in the end is how much. After all, everyone is unique, subtle differences will have a great impact, wedding ring will be accompanied by two life, must not sloppy.

Boys’ wedding ring size

Not devoid of the obsession, implanted the soul of the gap, out of the cliff Qiao a cold ice, it is time to bear the diamonds, hidden by the time of the sadness, to break the cocoon of the flute into the faint empty door. Engraved with the vicissitudes of life on the ring, the seeds of compassion, landing to take root. Boys wedding ring is generally platinum, the size of the wedding ring need to choose according to the different circumstances of each person, but the most often selected, that is, the most common boys in the 18 to 20 between the maximum number of hands. Meticulous palm, scattered a diffuse whirling in the wind, the exhaustion of the troubled wandering chaos wrapped around
Adult wedding ring size

Fell in love with a simple character, indulge in a simple Ning style, like met a special bloom, delicate integrity, stretch the magnificent life. Two people in the emotional world, the sense of responsibility and trust between each other is necessary, so, can be closer, in order to sense the heart and heart temperature, in order to get a better warm love. Since the choice, it should be taken seriously. Wedding ring size is worth a thing to be taken seriously, adult wedding ring size between 6-24, girls may be in the wedding ring size between 10 to 15 any number, boys in the 17-22 More.

The wind before the court, the time is getting old, who is politely greeting, light off the dust; even if the desire to lose Cartier love ring replica indifferent, there is a poetic salvation. Wedding ring general size may make you have a reference, but the wedding ring is a lifetime of love witness, must not be careless. Be sure to measure their own clear, or to the jewelry store to measure the size of the diamond ring can be selected.
Life met, meet, discrete, are smiling with a smile. The soul of the soul, at the end of the soul of the move, is the most elegant walk in the world; those who live in peace and comfort, know how to cherish, reported to affectionate embrace, is the best love in the years. Love can not be missing three rings, one of the very important is the engagement ring, engraved on the engagement ring engraved engraved with this problem, so Xiaobian to perfect answer for you.

Memorable words

Like a kind of not far from the distance, the slightest thought of gently wrapped thoughts; like a faint like, shallow love, not publicity, not virtual decoration, love if the spring, quiet in the bottom of my heart flowing. Always want to be simple, in the years of endless speculation, the most eager, is a pure love. There is always a love words, carrying your full of memories, a see it, you can get the final Qing Ning, it would be carved on your engagement ring, since then, do not have to find the hearts of that side Fanjiao Because it is in your fingertips position.

English philosophical clauses

To do a plain person, a prime heart, dressed in Su-shirt, in the red dust at the place. Daytime, and fireworks as partners, invited the sun into the room, and a window Yuehua, corresponding into a cool and freehand freehand. Some short-term intersection, some become clouds in the past, and those who write the students, it will be winding into a heart of a quiet mountain. There are so many sentences that are not heard, do not ask, do not guess, bewildered, and alienated, and lively, but as if implied all the philosophy of life, which can be used as an engagement ring was permanently remembered characters, of course, if Able to engrave the English philosophical clauses in the ring can show the taste and grade.
Unique homophonic numbers

Two clear souls, swimy lingering freehand, desolate romantic heart of the mind, and so the Buddha ferry; love occasion, leaning against the wind, the life will be interpreted as a calm, free and easy Cartier nail bracelet replica posture, falling horizon, the corner of the world The There are many unique and meaningful phenomena in the language, engraved on the engagement ring with a unique homophonic number, more able to express your mind. Even if most of the love, but also finally escape the years of consumption, without exception, evolved into a family. However, you in the day after day, or feel intimate as ever, to see that the deep love at the fingertips inscribed.

Quiet, silent, is also the intention of gentle acquiescence. The wandering years of the song, in a faint Zhenjing in the surplus turn, a flat one of the painting, like light snow pear white clean. In the field of love, there will always be the emergence of a lot of love trouble, engagement ring engraving engraved what is good, but also a sweet distress.

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Couples crystal pendants are generally more neutral pendant style

Couples crystal pendants are generally more neutral pendant style, men and women can wear, material generally obsidian, chalcedony, agate, green stone, chrysanthemum and so on. And some couples pendant style is not the same, the same material, the girls choose Maitreya or safe buckle or Fuzhu or gourd, Ling fox and other styles, boys choose Guanyin, Guan Yu, Long card and more domineering or meet the men’s style.
Couples crystal pendants can also choose to focus on the lock or key five pairs of styles. If you do not like the same pair of crystal pendants, you can also choose the same material and color of different styles of pendants, custom made a pair. And then you can also be in the couple crystal pendant on both sides of the name and love symbols and so on. Or engraved on both sides of the commitment is also good!

Couples crystal pendants are lovers love letters, very meaningful. If the other side is not around, then there are also couples to send each other to accompany their own pendant. Couples crystal pendants can also be customized to the crystal shop their favorite style, of course, the custom price Replica Cartier jewelry will naturally be higher. Generally have ready-made couple crystal pendant, the price is generally about two hundred dollars can buy. Of course, the higher the quality, the price will be higher.

Couples Crystal Pendants are pendants that wear together with two people who are attracted to each other and love each other. The way of communication between couples is usually dating, sending gifts, keeping intimate relationships and so on. Couples crystal pendants are generally boys bought to give girlfriend, so happy girlfriend, feeling happy gift.

Of course, the couple in addition to gifts, but also become a good friend without words, to establish the same values, learn to pay for each other, learn tolerance, etc., because not all couples can eventually get married, if you want Their love can go to the end, into a fruition, then still have to learn how to run a relationship.
The name of the English name is the princess, that is, the “princess” means, so the diamond is also called the princess square drill. The origin of the princess square diamond is related to its shape, because it has a smooth edges and corners of the classic square area, four edges and corners represent the responsibility, courage, emotion and respect pet, and the eyes of the mind depicted in the same image, Hence the name. Pendant, a jewelry, wearing jewelry in the neck, the princess side and the pendant combination, the perfect show the princess side pendant temperament, you are my favorite princess side pendant, then the Princess side pendant how?
Princess side pendant, just listen to the name, let people think that this must be a very noble pendant, and the fact is true. Princess side of the pendant of the bright colors, lines simple and neat, angular and straightforward, elegant atmosphere of the most vivid expression of the performance of a beautiful, eternal, and strong, and the princess side of the diamond pendant in the European region by the royal family aristocratic love, Princess is also named by this, an atmosphere, character straightforward lady, wearing princess side pendant, elegant and generous more obvious.

Princess side pendant has a lot of weight, like diamonds, Choi Po, silverware, jade and so on, then, how much money is the 18K Diamond Princess Pendant? This is a diamond pendant, simple and stylish in a low-key luxury, perfect show the elegant and elegant posture of the wearer, the beauty of the pearl, In the neck of the charming Smart, add a touch of crystal bright brilliance, with gorgeous cast eternal, with the Iraqi people before the heart, the price of 5-6 million or so.
According to legend, there was a Belgian king, specifically for her daughter to create a unique and mysterious square diamonds, four edges and corners represent the love, love, love, love. Princess square diamond simple and stable appearance represents a simple and generous temperament, it uses a straight line show charm and content, and open-minded, calm male temperament natural match; ladies wear, can create a feeling of hardness and softness, highlight the modern women self-confidence open-minded tolerance The

Whether it is from the international jewelry market, or the domestic jewelry market, the princess is now the most popular one, the princess pendant has the world’s most fans, which is not only the princess side of the glamor, is the princess side pendant To give you a life expectation, a yearning, a vision for the future.
Pendant necklace is also a pendant with a necklace or chain with a pair of necklaces, necklaces or www.bechic.co chains are can be opened for the pendants can also be changed to facilitate a variety of collocation, but also to facilitate the necklace problems, A chain or a rope. Pendant is currently much more than the necklace style, at the time of purchase, you can also buy a few pendants, a necklace, one day for a pendant to wear, necklace is no need to change can also save money.
Pendant is wearing a prominent shape on the neck of the main body. Common pendants are diamond pendants, tourmaline pendants, pearl pendants and crystal pendants and amber pendants, all kinds of precious stones pendants, all kinds of gold pendants and so on. Pendants usually do not exist alone, usually with a string or metal chain can be worn on the neck, as a necklace to wear. Platinum and k gold are the most popular and popular metal materials.

Necklace is made of gold and silver jewelry and so on made in the chain of neck shape jewelry. Common necklaces are gold necklace, pearl necklace and platinum necklace, K gold necklace and so on. Necklace is different from the pendant, the necklace can be worn directly on the neck, is a separate jewelry, you can also wear a pendant. Some necklaces will be fixed directly connected to the pendant, or made in the necklace pendant, you can also wear directly, no longer connect the pendant decoration, can no longer wear pendants.
Pendant necklace color to match the color of clothing as a good tone, so you can form a sharp contrast. Such as: monochrome or plain clothing, wearing a brightly colored necklace, jewelry can be more eye-catching, decorated in the jewelry, the clothing color is also rich. Colorful clothing, wearing a simple and simple necklace, will not be gorgeous clothing accounted for too much limelight, can complement each other.

Pendant necklace maintenance. Pendant necklace maintenance is the most important daily cleaning and display. 1, do a good job dust removal, usually with a soft brush dip hot water in the pendant necklace gently scrub the surface, and then clean the soft cloth to dry the necklace, if the ordinary hot water is not clean, you can also dip a little soapy water The 2, pendant necklace to stay away from oil, away from cosmetics and other chemical substances. 3, regular cleaning, do not wear when you need to clean and then into the jewelry box alone.

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Jade bracelet prices, jade bracelet prices need to be analyzed from the following aspects

Jade bracelet price, how much money Jade bracelet. Jade bracelets, bracelets can also be called Kushu, its history has a long history, in ancient times, men and women will wear bracelets on behalf of marriage and identity. Jade is also a deep in our cultural life in a rare jade, many people believe that with jade bracelet can be set to avoid evil, and believe that jade bracelet and other jewelry is different, there is spirituality. It is noble atmosphere, but also calm and low-key, that emerald green light people can not stop.

Jade bracelet prices, jade bracelet prices need to be analyzed from the following aspects
1, look at the color. See whether the color is pure, rich and gorgeous, uniform, and use a condenser flashlight to check whether there is hidden variegated. To color rich and bright, pure, uniform, impurity is better. Emerald green has a higher price, followed by red, purple. Green and with fresh, slightly yellow tone with three points of water seedlings green (also known as “Yang Miao” green) for the best, followed by gem green, green Replica Cartier jewelry water, green, green are evenly distributed well.

2, observe the transparency. Under the strong light, the higher the transparency, the better.

3, listen to the sound. The percussion is clear and sweet.

4, observe the Tsui and stone flowers. On the light observation, there are other mineral particles in the flash of jade (ie, Tsui), and often clumps of white flowers, called stone flowers. Both are less good.

5, see cracks and dark spots. Cracks are found in the ore, and some are caused by processing, with less as good; black spot is everywhere in the black spots of jade, but also to small and small as well.

6, see the level of processing. To surface smooth, polished well, the shape is better.

How much is the jade bracelet?

How much is the jade bracelet? Know the impact of jade bracelet prices of these factors, in the purchase of jade products, you know from which aspects of the start! If you buy jade, you can put all the above aspects can be considered, will choose a good product. Let’s take a look at how much money you buy from the Jade Bracelet.

Question: how much is the jade bracelet?

Description: Inquiry: the quality of gold and silver jewelry inspection center, jade bracelet, light green, A goods, which is waxy bell it, certificate number: 21210009809, 68.43 grams of quality, the value of how much money?
Pi Xiu demagnetization method, brave how degaussing, how degaussing. Brave is the Swiss animal, brave mouth no anus, can swallow all things and not vent, only can not enter, supernatural powers, it is Lucky treasure, to absorb the meaning of the Quartet of wealth, but also out of evil, bring good luck The role. In recent years, some people pay attention to the Pi Xiu demagnetization, said the role is similar to the light. Here to see the Pi Xiu demagnetization method it

Degaussing method has the following:

1, with seawater or more than 15% concentration of iodine salt solution soak for 12 hours or more, and then washed with water can be.

2, the emerald wrapped with plastic film wrapped live, into the refrigerator freezer overnight, the next morning into the outdoor sun drying can be 1 hour.

3, some necklaces, hand string, pendant and other small pieces of jade products, put jewelry box for ten minutes to sit.
Brave how demagnetization, how degaussing. Although I do not know to the Pi Xiu demagnetization of this argument there is no scientific basis, but still can see how we are doing.

Question: how brave demagnetization?

Answer: Bath and wash the time when the best not to wear brave, because www.bechic.co the shower with the shower gel, washing dishes with detergent will hurt the brave, and then there is a bath and washing dishes will have a lot of dirty water, but also Will brave bad.

Jade brave generally do not need degaussing,

Crystal brave with pure water plus a little salt soak a day, and then at night on the open-air balcony, put a night! Both degaussing and energy!
Emerald bracelet demagnetization method, how to degenerate jade bracelet, how degaussing. Jade is a crystal, in recent years some people pay attention to the Pi Xiu degaussing, it is said that the role is similar to the light. Wear jade and other accessories, all day with the body, contact, there will be some negative effects. Therefore, the emerald jewelry to the regular demagnetization, will have been dead negative energy material removed. Regardless of this argument there is no scientific basis, Xiaobian today some of the first demagnetization method to show you.

Degaussing method has the following:

1, with seawater or more than 15% concentration of iodine salt solution soak for 12 hours or more, and then washed with water can be.

2, the emerald wrapped with plastic film wrapped live, into the refrigerator freezer overnight, the next morning into the outdoor sun drying can be 1 hour.

3, some necklaces, hand string, pendant and other small pieces of jade products, put jewelry box for ten minutes to sit.
Jade bracelet how demagnetization, how degaussing. In recent years on the demise of jade different argument, we take a look at how we do it

Question: Will the teachers, I bought a natural jade bracelet need to go through what to deal with it, such as demagnetization and the like, if the demagnetization, then how to demagnetize it?

Answer: degaussing need to use crystal hole, but the jade bracelet is not degaussing, you can wear directly.

Question: There is an emerald bracelet, wearing 5 months, after some reason was touched by others, the total feeling bracelet is not their own. Ask the bracelet to re-recognize the main method.

Answer: In fact, not just bracelets, a lot of things will encounter such a situation. Private items are filled with emotions and are difficult to share.

So, not anti-cleaning, soft cloth wipe, the first day, and then a few days later, from the emotional can rule out this other sense; when the bracelet after a period of time shelved, wearing more, with a period of time It came back

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We are here to provide you the very highest quality Van Cleef & Arpels knockoffs

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